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    Stencil Tips for Best Results

    ©2022 Late Boomer Vintage

    Our original and unique stencil designs are precision cut for you on 7mil or 10mil Mylar (a superior plastic material, that is durable, reusable and easy to clean)

    Basic Technique

    1) For best results and clean crisp edges, we recommend using a repositionable spray adhesive on the back of your stencil. Our favourite is Krylon Easy Tack which will temporarily and precisely hold lightweight material in place and is available in most craft & hardware stores.

    2) Use a stencil brush with short, firmly packed stiff bristles, available in various sizes from most craft & art stores. These specialist brushes are used in a straight up + down bouncing like motion, reducing the chance of paint seepage under the edges of your stencil.

    3) Less is best!  Do not overload the brush with paint, this is crucial to best results. Lightly dab just the tip of the stencil brush into the paint and remove any excess on a paper towel. It is much better to dip the brush into the paint frequently and far easier to add more paint to a stencil, than to remove it. 

    4) Do your stenciling on a hard surface

    5) Clean your stencil after use and lay flat to dry.